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Getting Inside the Bubble

Conventional sports may not always be fun for you and your family. Finding an activity that’s new and interesting can mean having to pay extra. Seattle Knockerball in Seattle, Washington, brings an exciting and accessible way to get your family ripping with laughter. We provide games that put you in a Knockerball™ and allow you to painlessly crash into other Knockerballers.

Colliding into your opponent on the field was never so gratifying. Seattle Knockerball provides the means to flip, bash, and roll with a new product called Knockerball™. This protective bubble lets you safely wreak havoc on the field. 

Kids Playing

We even have sizes for kids 5 and above.

About Us

Seattle Knockerball in Seattle, Washington, first became involved with the Knockerball™ at a soccer tournament in Portland. Being the father of a nine-year-old, I’m always looking for a physical activity that’s entertaining, focused, and fun for my kids to do.

I was blown away when I saw how much fun the soccer and neighborhood kids were having playing in the Knockerball™. The only way to get my kids out of them, was by coming up with our business. If it were up to them, we’d still be in Portland playing with the Knockerball™.

Seattle Knockerball, offers a rental service for events using the Knockerball™. Our idea has turned out to be so engaging that it has our kids participating and helping out with the business. This, in turn, allows them to learn responsibility and have fun at the same time. It’s really a win-win situation for all of us.

Knockerball™ rentals are the number-one source for a fun family activity. Whether it's Knockerball™ rentals, leagues, parties, or team building for corporate events, Seattle Knockerball has you covered. Try “Knocker Soccer” or other exciting knocker games we have to get you rolling around. We offer four to five more games than other companies.